Track your train

The widget below allows you to track your train – in style. You see the Train Schedule page will give you the pre-determined schedule of your train. But as we know, Indian trains are usually late and therefore you need a tracking system that will give you the current status or the running status of the train in question. This is exactly what the widget below does for you.

Track your Train below:

See the blue ribbon on the left hand corner of the map? Click “Search” and enter the necessary details of the train. Please note that this widget works only for the train running at the time when you are entering its details.

After you have filled the field, your train’s track will be displayed in the map with the train’s current position.

The red marks represent the trains running late and the blue ones represent the ones on time. For further information about the signs and marks used please click on “Legend” on the blue ribbon.

Track your Train helps to know your train current running status and Train current location and train delay information