PNR Status | IRCTC PNR Status

Passenger Name Record number or simply PNR number is the ten digit number assigned to every passenger booking a reservation with Indian Railways. You can enter your PNR number below and check the status of your seat.

Once you enter the ten digits and hit enter you will be displayed full details about your ticket. Whether it is still in waiting or is it confirmed, if it is confirmed what is your seat number and bogie number, if it is not confirmed what is the wait list number, etc. all such details can be found below.

Also, the system stores up to five PNR numbers in its memory. This feature is especially useful when you have checked the number once and want to check it after a few hours again. You won’t have to enter the same numbers over and over again. Just click on the number saved in the system’s history and you are done.

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PNR is the 10 digit number, printed on the left corner of your ticket